IMT for Infectious Disorders, 1-Day Review course

Pre-requisites: 3 IMT courses (this course is the pre-requisite for Advanced Infectious Disorders) | taught by Dr. Ayelet Connell

Course description

During this review course of IMT for Infectious Disorders, students will learn basic and advanced IMT assessment and treatment techniques for reduction of infection and augmentation of immune support. This course is taught in a condensed review fashion to allow for students to gain ample knowledge in preparation for the course: Advanced Infectious Disorders ONLINE Course.

Pre-requisites for this course include having taken 3 IMT courses. 

As part of this online course, students will be able to download a digital version of the course studyguide. This studyguide is not printable. Some of our online students prefer to have a bound paper studyguide to accompany this course. To purchase a bound paper studyguide for $75 (includes shipping/handling), you may contact

Dr. Ayelet Connell
Dr. Ayelet Connell

Ayelet Connell-Giammatteo, PhD, PT, IMT,C is the President and Founder of Manual Therapy Seminars. Ayelet is a Physical Therapist and Certified Integrative Manual Therapist. She has been practicing in the field of IMT for over 15 years. Ayelet received her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from The University of Hartford in Connecticut. She received her Doctoral Degree from Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio, focusing in neuropediatrics, with a concentration in autism. Some of Ayelet’s Doctoral research involved a unique charter elementary school, Soaring Heights, in inner city Jersey City, New Jersey. During this research, she investigated the efficacy of Integrative Manual Therapy on young children that presented with challenges in learning, socialization, and behavior. In addition to her IMT expertise, Ayelet is a graduate of the Institute of Functional Medicine’s program “Applying Functional Medicine into Clinical Practice” focusing on nutritional wellness. She has written many articles on the subjects of IMT, healthy living, natural parenting, and nutritional wellness. Ayelet was Dean of the Connecticut School of Integrative Manual Therapy (CSIMT) for multiple years. She has taught courses in Integrative Manual Therapy nationally and internationally for over 15 years. Ayelet is also a local of this community and has been living in the Greater Hartford area for many years, where she integrates a healthy lifestyle at home with her wonderful family.

Course Curriculum

Chapter One & Two: VB Syndrome & The Matrix
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Chapter Three & Four: Shock & The Detox Packet
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Chapter Five, Six, Seven & Eight: Routes of Elimination, Inflammation, Fever, & Lymph Drainage
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Chapter Nine, Ten, & Eleven: Chest Disruption Syndrome, Thymus Blueprints, and More
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Chapter Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, & Fifteen
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Chapter Sixteen: Lyme Disease
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Appendix Review & Final Thoughts
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