Course Description

PRE-REQUISITE: Some course experience in Muscle Energy Techniques or biomechanical treatment of pelvis and sacrum.

Welcome to The Cranial Therapy Series! In this first level introductory course, you will learn about anatomy and physiology of the cranial system and comprehensive manual therapy to assess and treat osseous, suture, joint, and membrane restrictions.

Course curriculum

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    Cranial Therapy Series, Level One: Osseous, Suture, Joint, Membrane--PART ONE

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    Cranial Therapy Series, Level One: Osseous, Suture, Joint, Membrane--PART TWO

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Advisor and Teaching Faculty

Kris Albrecht, MS, PT, IMT,C

Kris Albrecht, MS, PT, IMT,C is a Primary Advisor and Chief Teaching Faculty at Manual Therapy Seminars and a Clinician at Integrative Wellness & Physical Therapy in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Kris has been practicing and teaching Manual Therapy for over 30 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, a Master of Science in Physical Therapy, and was a teaching fellow in Gross Anatomy at Boston University. At Rockville General Hospital, Kris designed and implemented the Physical Therapy portion of Heart Minders, a cardiac habilitation program as well as a podiatric orthotic program. She joined the Center for Integrative Manual Therapy / Regional Physical Therapy in 1988, and for nearly three decades has instructed a wide range of Manual Therapy courses nationally and internationally with Dialogues in Contemporary Rehabilitation and The Connecticut School of Integrative Manual Therapy in Bloomfield, CT. She was a test administrator for the Integrative Manual Therapy Certification exam. With a special interest in cranial therapy, neurological issues, and cardiac habilitation, Kris is a gifted lecturer and teaching mentor. She lives with her family in Southington, CT and loves classic rock music, dessert, and turtles.