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Welcome to the IMT Videocast Series! During this 10th installment of the series, we discuss what to do for clients that have a non-specific 'catch-all' diagnosis like fibromyalgia and how to take a step back to look at underlying issues that may be contributing to their symptoms. Included in this videocast is a case example of a client with significant connective tissue dysfunction that is affecting their posture and mobility and quality of life. 

Check out this round table discussion by Dr. Ayelet Connell, Kris Godiksen, Kris Albrecht, and Becky McConnell, long time clinical faculty that work together at Integrative Wellness & Physical Therapy in Bloomfield CT. 

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faculty of Integrative Wellness & Physical Therapy

Dr. Ayelet Connell, Kris Albrecht, Kris Godiksen, & Becky McConnell

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    • Introduction Video to IMT Videocast #10

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    IMT Videocast #10 Video: Case Examples

    • IMT Videocast #10 Video: Fibromyalgia & Connective Tissue Dysfunction-- a case example


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