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In this videocast, Dr. Ayelet Connell, Kris Godiksen, Kris Albrecht & Becky McConnell discuss their favorite 'quick' IMT techniques and also offer many ideas for how to use IMT in a limited time setting such as in a hospital or in homecare, or on a sports field following an acute injury. Check out this newest Videocast for some pearls of wisdom! This videocast is the 11th installment of the IMT Videocast series. It is part of the IMT Videocast Monthly Subscription

faculty of Integrative Wellness & Physical Therapy

Dr. Ayelet Connell, Kris Albrecht, Kris Godiksen, & Becky McConnell

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    • intro video IMT videocast #11 quick IMT techniques, 11-7-17

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    IMT Videocast #11: Quick IMT Techniques

    • IMT videocast #11, 5 minute techniques 11-8-17


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