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Welcome to the 22nd installment of the IMT Videocast Series! During this tutorial style videocast, Lissa Wheeler talks about the Vagus Nerve, its significance, and related IMT. To learn more about the IMT Videocast Series and to subscribe for only $4.99/month, you can visit click on this link:

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Teaching Faculty

Lissa Wheeler, LMT, IMT,C

Lissa Wheeler, LMT, IMT,C is a certified practitioner of Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) and Self Regulation Therapy (SRT), with a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Leslie University and a PhD in IMT from Westbrook University. Early in her career, Lissa became certified in Muscular Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Shiatsu and completed a four-year training in Bioenergetic Analysis, which is a body-centered psychotherapy. She spent many years at the Upledger Institute International studying Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Mechanical Link, and Somato-Emotional Release. Over the years, she has been a teaching assistant at numerous seminars on Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. Also during this time, she completed her three-year master’s degree program in Clinical Psychology at Leslie University. It was through her Upledger studies that Lissa became friends with Dr. Sharon Weiselfish-Giammatteo, the founder of Integrative Manual Therapy. Sharon had a physical therapy clinic in Connecticut, and Lissa began a long apprenticeship with her, which eventually led to working in Sharon’s clinic. Working closely with Sharon, Lissa gained experience treating the more severe cases, such as patients with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. Around this time, Sharon began developing her innovative groundbreaking Integrative Manual Therapy. Lissa worked closely with Sharon through the development of IMT. She co-developed a number of courses with Sharon, all in the area of integrating emotional healing with bodywork. She became an instructor of IMT and has taught IMT courses and facilitated IMT clinics throughout the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Holland, and Israel. Lissa has published a book about healing from trauma called Becoming Resilient: Heal the Physical Impact of Emotional Trauma: A Guide for Bodyworkers. 

Course curriculum

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    IMT Videocast #22: The Vagus Nerve

    • Videocast

    • Vagus Unwinding Technique


5 star rating

The Vagus Nerve

Barb Alguire

Great review. The Trauma Class is one of the jewels of IMT. I use some of the material frequently but will go back for a full review now. This class shifted ...

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Great review. The Trauma Class is one of the jewels of IMT. I use some of the material frequently but will go back for a full review now. This class shifted my clinical reasoning and understanding of process on many levels.

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