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Welcome to the IMT Videocast Series. During this installment of the series, Dr. Ayelet Connell, Kris Albrecht, Becky McConnell, and Kris Godiksen discuss how to perform a Blueprint. Blueprints were originally developed by Dr. Sharon Weiselfish-Giammatteo many years ago. They are wonderful IMT tools to help restore health in tissues and systems of the body. For those of you that remember (!), Blueprints used to be called 'Systems' or 'Biologic Analogs'. Check out this fantastic round table discussion on the technical aspects of how to perform a Blueprint as well as the 'nuances' of how to be optimally successful with applying them in your clinical practice!

We would love to hear from you on your requests for future IMT Videocast topics! Check out the Manual Therapy Seminars facebook page or the IMT Community group facebook page to send us your ideas...

faculty of Integrative Wellness & Physical Therapy

Dr. Ayelet Connell, Kris Albrecht, Kris Godiksen, & Becky McConnell

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