Course Description

Treatment of frozen shoulder, rotator cuff syndrome, post-surgical & and other complex shoulder syndromes Using an Integrated Manual Approach including Myofascial Release, Strain/Counterstrain, Muscle Energy Techniques and more

During this introductory course, students will learn how to assess and treat the difficult shoulder with a comprehensive manual approach including Myofascial Release and Muscle Energy Technique for the articular surfaces of the shoulder girdle joint as well as Myofascial Release and Strain & Counterstrain Technique to reduce fascial tissue tension and protective muscle spasm of the shoulder joint soft tissues. Students will gain clinical skills to be able to immediately apply these skills into a clinical setting following completion of the course. This integrated manual approach will promote greater articular balance of the shoulder, improved joint mobility, as well as improved strength and function of the entire upper extremity and reduce pain.

Course Outline:
Anatomy & Physiology of the neck, shoulder, and upper extremity
Introduction to Integrative Manual Therapy
Introduction to Myofascial Release
Introduction to the ‘Weiselfish Model’ of Muscle Energy Technique
Introduction to Jones’ Strain & Counterstrain Technique
Soft Tissue Myofascial Release for the Shoulder
Articular Fascial Release for the Shoulder
Strain & Counterstrain Technique for the shoulder region
Muscle Energy Technique Type II Peripheral Joint Technique for the Shoulder Girdle Joints
Application & Protocols
Summary/Review & Question/Answer

Teaching Faculty

Carol Gordon, PT, IMT,C

Carol Gordon, PT, IMT,C, was a founding partner of Regional Physical Therapy, a practice that thrived for three decades with five offices across Connecticut and Massachusetts. She now works at Integrative Wellness & Physical Therapy in Bloomfield, CT and also as a sole practitioner in Glastonbury, CT. Carol holds a degree in Physical Therapy from St. Louis University and is a Certified Integrative Manual Therapy practitioner. In addition to her previous practice, she has been employed as a physical therapist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Hartford, CT and Hospital for Special Care in New Britain, CT. Carol has been honored to participate as a guest lecturer at institutions throughout the US, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong teaching Integrative Manual Therapy to post graduate physical therapy students. She enjoys speaking at professional physical therapy conferences and at colleges and universities that specialize in physical therapy.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter One

    • Short introduction with Dr. Ayelet Connell

    • Chapter One, Video A

    • Chapter One, Video B

    • digital studyguide to download

  • 2

    Chapter Two: Myofascial Release

    • Chapter Two, Video A

    • Chapter Two, Video B

    • Chapter Two, Video C

    • Chapter Two, Video D

  • 3

    Chapter Three: Strain & Counterstrain Technique

    • Chapter Three, Video A

    • Chapter Three, Video B

    • Chapter Three, Video C

  • 4

    Chapter Four: Muscle Energy and 'Beyond' Technique

    • Chapter Four Video


4 star rating

Assessment and Treatment Solutions for the DIfficult Shou...

Kimberly Galloway

At times, it was difficult to see the hand placements for treatment. Otherwise, very information course!

At times, it was difficult to see the hand placements for treatment. Otherwise, very information course!

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